What to call CPVs?




we can alternatively add of contracts / tenders


random CPV trivia

keywords are better than codes

Analysis of search patterns showed that bidders use keyword search more often than searching by CPV codes. More than 70% use keywords in at least every second search, but fewer than 40% of the bidders use the CPV regularly. The main reasons given for this are that bidders are not familiar enough with the CPV and that the CPV is difficult to use.

it’s a mess!

a relatively high proportion of tender notices contain inaccurate codes. A test with a sample of 405 tender notices showed that the code was inaccurate in about 23% of the notices. In around 10% of cases the code applied did not describe the work/supply/service procured; in some 8%, the code applied was too general, and in about 4%, the code was too specific.


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that is a very insightful study. made me look at it from other angles
this means that by offering list of CPV codes, we are not helping much and we also cannot guarantee enough accuracy.

if i forget the whole CPV system for a moment and think about utopical solutions, interesting would be to have contracts categorized AND tagged with keywords. that way would be much clearer what is the contract about.
in the query builder, user would select tags and categories he is interested in. although rendering seems rather impossible considering the size of the network matching several tags.

however, the current reality is, CPVs are now the only categories we have, although they might not be accurate and difficult to use. its our starting point and we will have to work with it. in the future, we should come up with a system for tagging the contracts automatically and with users’ help


in the future, we should come up with a system for tagging the contracts automatically and with users’ help

ambitious! I like that. :slight_smile:
But for now we have to row with the oars we have, as would the Dutch say.
So just changing the name to something more intuitive should suffice now.
What do you think of the suggestions?

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from what you suggested, i totally vote for Market

other ideas: Field, Procurement Subject, Business Subject