Saving template networks which can be just duplicated?


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there is finite number of possible networks in this system. can we save some server time by saving template networks which can be just duplicated when same request for a new network comes?
example: user requests a new network of German procurement from Agriculture field in year 2012-2014. if this network was already queried before, it is stored in DB and therefore its data can be just duplicated. is this worth trying?

  • is this feasible?
  • would it pose problems with saving clusters? If so, perhaps we could have an instance of ‘virgin’ and ‘clustered’ network?

(Georgiana B) #2

Indeed, we create a new network every time even though the query is the same because the network can be changed via clustering/declustering.

However, there is obviously room for improvement. I think it may be more efficient to have some smart caching/indexing than to keep an extra copy of the network.

I will look more into this when times comes for backend performance improvements.