Features, branching and merging into develop

(Victor Nițu) #1

Hey @elvis team, I’m going to raise an issue that could be nailed down without too much effort.

Merge conflicts.

Whenever one of us starts working on a feature, (s)he will create a new branch. From an up to date local develop branch. So far so good, we clearly have this working now.

The problem is when any such feature branch stays unmerged for, let’s say, more than 3 days. Differences occur, diffs with develop branch diverge into conflicts, and that’s normal, because develop does not freeze until we merge out feature back into it.

The reason this is an issue is that most of the times I’m going through the process of integrating one’s changes into other’s changes and both of them into develop. None of these changes were made by me, yet I end up reconciling the conflicted diffs. The good thing: I read all the code. The bad thing: it takes time and energy, and we can easily avoid it.

How do we fix it? One thing: every working day, before getting to write more code (or every time after a local commit has been made), you would update the local develop branch and merge it on top of your feature:

$ git fetch origin
$ git merge origin/develop

This way:

  • code conflicts would get to be fixed by one of the diff’s authors
  • once finished, the feature will be ready to review and merge right away

What do you guys think? Is there any easier way to do this? I don’t want to do merge conflicts resolution anymore :sob: