Elvis frontend updates

(Victor Nițu) #1

Here I will post updates related to Elvis web interface development!

I will start by posting the newest updates that the frontend received:

Network stabilization progress indicator

No more being left in the dark after making a network request! Now you will be able to see a real time progress of the network stabilization progress, which happens always prior to the actual rendering.

Friendlier CPV chips

After choosing the CPVs, the chosen items will still be sitting inside small badge-like shapes, but a bit more integrated with the rest of the UI and with a nice close button (mouse over it for a small surprise!):

Now they are also shown on the query index page:

Next steps

  • fix the CPV based contracts count on the query builder / CPV chooser screen
  • add some style and interaction on the network details data grid (+ correct data assignment)
  • be able to highlight subnetworks and hide the labels of nodes outside the highlighted area

Stay tuned, people! Cheers! :nerd: