Elvis frontend performance thread

(Victor Nițu) #1

Here’s a thread to analyze some of the performance improvements we aim for in the frontend. Posted here since the potential for a huge discussion is big enough to not risk cramming it into a Trello card :slight_smile:

As far as I see it, there are these major areas of improvement:

  1. CPV selector
  2. Network rendering
  3. Sidebar responsiveness
  4. Network manipulation

There’s also the question of measuring performance, starting ASAP. So we can actually measure the impact of our modifications as we make them. Properly used versioning scheme should also come in handy here. This will most probably be one of our KPI groups in any kind of progress reporting, be it social media, funders or just random blogging etc.

For performance improvements, we have all the GitHub issues tagged 'performance".

And for measurements we currently have a backend task to store them and a preliminary frontend integration of identifying and displaying some of the key performance factors.