Elvis 0.1 : investico colleagues

  • CPV code names are unfortunately not self-explanatory. There is a need for some description of the categories.

unfortunately there is nothing like this. One solution would be to give a couple of examples of child CPVs in the description: the more general the CPV code the more vague. By giving examples of CPVs down the branch we can make it easier for the user to imagine what it is s/he is looking at.

  • zoom to subnetwork instead of node

Sometimes the subnetwork is larger that where Elvis zooms in. User then needs to zoom out to catch the wholeness of the subnetwork. Is there a way to calculate where do the tentacles of the subnetwork reach?

The link does not go anywhere. It could link to http://simap.ted.europa.eu/cpv

  • add [?] to the info boxes

What does “flow” en “competition” mean?
I propose: have a “help” page with anchor links and link different parts of the network visualisation to this help page.