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Public spending is fun! (we swear)

Public spending is under reported, and certainly not because it’s dull, au contraire! It is the domain par excellence where collusion and misuse of public funds take place. However, the vast amount of unstandardized information makes it time consuming and complicated to investigate. And while (investigative) journalists can excel in applying qualitative methods, they are often far from excelling even in Excel. Our tool aims to make quantitative research easy for even the least technical person.


This DEMO visualization shows three government entities that manage train transport in Slovakia
(passengers, cargo and infrastructure. The visualization takes a couple of seconds to load). The thickness of the connection represents tenders won by a particular company in the period 2006 to 2012. Contracts awarded to the same company over a period of years might be a sign of corruption. The size of the node represents the amount of money a company has acquired throughout these years (relative to other companies in the network). Red nodes are companies whose median competition from all of the tender procedures is 1 (meaning no other company has applied for most of the tenders, which is also a red flag).

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