CSV rows that won't get through processing

(Victor Nițu) #1

I’m starting a thread for collecting the problem childs of CSV parsing. @zufanka @georgiana_b

First thing - several hundred rows that have awkward values. See this file: 2008-2010_20151213_022551.xls (469.5 KB)

Another example, more… visual:


@victor my bad, I have been changing commas to dots in the script. This is the result :octopus: I will have a look at it in the original XMLs

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Love the :octopus:

I expected something like that. Maybe a more advanced regexp would help define where comma is used as a decimal point and where not – ping me if you want to fix this together.


yea, advanced regexp could do, but only if I’m parsing that :water_buffalo: of XMLS again … what I probably need to because the contract info is missing. And I will, but my remote gamer computer is broken (running Windows now, :scream: ). But it’s only about those few cases you sent me, right?

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Yup, as far as I know. Just those cases.