CRCB's tool to visualize EU tenders

(Victor Nițu) #1

Here’s something I overlooked so many times before…

The URL above leads to a specific search: tenders won by PGF Urtica (PL) with a CRI (Corruption Risk Index) bigger than 0.1.

Points of interest: aggregations like we want to have in Elvis, plus the awesome map idea we can use for an alternate view of the tenders. Let’s say, have the network graph for visual explorations and a table + map interface for the table-centric approach.

But first, let’s get the graph finished. Will keep looking into it though as I get closer to implementing tender details, as there’s some potentially good ideas for us in there as well.

Cheers! :nerd:

(Victor Nițu) #2

@zufanka and @Chut_Ko have you seen this? Any thoughts? :wink:


oh I totally missed this :slight_smile:

It looks a lot like the albanian one though … or was it kosovo?
I can’t find it now …