Changest to tender details page


We need to simplify and expand the tender details page.
Now it does not contain enough information for journalists to investigate further.
Because we use the same IDs as the opentender portal of OKFN, we can link to their tender details page.

(Georgiana B) #2

I’ll just give a brief overview of a tender and what info we have available about it.

A tender can contain 1 or more lots. For each lot 1 or more bids are submitted. Normally a supplier makes a bid on its own but sometimes multiple suppliers pair and submit a bid together.

A contract happens when a bid wins a lot so in Elvis we basically we count winning bids.

The fields we have on a tender are:

  • title = String(mandatory=True)
  • description = String()
  • country = String(mandatory=True)
  • xIsEuFunded = Boolean()
  • isFrameworkAgreement = Boolean()
  • isCoveredByGpa = Boolean()
  • nationalProcedureType = String()
  • finalPrice = EmbeddedSet(linked_to=Price) - the price of all the lots combined
  • lots = Array

For each lot we have:

  • title = String()
  • description = String()
  • bidsCount = Integer()
  • contractNumber = String()
  • awardDecisionDate = Date()
  • awardCriteria = EmbeddedList()
  • addressOfImplementation = EmbeddedSet(linked_to=Address)
  • status = String()
  • estimatedPrice = EmbeddedSet(linked_to=Price)
  • bids = Array

And for each bid we have:

  • isWinning = Boolean(mandatory=True)
  • isSubcontracted = Boolean()
  • isAwardedToGroupOfSuppliers = Boolean() i.e. consortium
  • price = EmbeddedSet(linked_to=Price)

To see what each of the embedded objects like price contains check their model

We can construct contract details from combining the attributes of a lot with those of its winning bid.

(Georgiana B) #3

We now received the final schema so you can see all the fields we have available in a pretty format here:

(Georgiana B) #4

Comments that are relevant to this discussion:

(Chut Ko) #5

currently, the whole details page has various problems and i am aware of few of them and hope to fix them until the opening party. but its a lot of work to be accurate :slight_smile:

i think more data for particular network entities will keep coming over time, so i would like to use design which can be generally used for displaying various data about tenders etc in the form data type : value (e.g. country : slovakia).

@zufanka there was some open contracting website which we both liked in terms of displaying various data about contracts, can you find the link?